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A Dog Lover’s Guide to Watching the NBA Playoff

by Coach Lilly


The 2017 NBA Playoffs kicked off on April 15th. The first round is done, and the Conference Semifinals and Conference Finals games will be played all through May, leading up to the start of the NBA Finals on June 1st. The winners of the Finals will take home the title of NBA Champions.


If you are a basketball lover and a dog lover (or know someone who is), check out our top tips for watching the NBA Playoffs this year.


Show Your Team Pride


You know this had to be first on our list! Show off your team spirit by dressing up to support your team, and let your dog get in on the fun too! DoggieNation has dog jerseys, dog T-shirts, and dog accessories like leashes, collars, toys, and bandanas for some of the most popular teams in the NBA: Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, and San Antonio Spurs.


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Choose Your Venue


Decide where you will watch the game. Where you watch the game and who you watch the game with will have a major impact on your overall experience. Think about whether you want to watch the games at home (on TV or online), at a friend’s house, or at a watch party at a neighborhood restaurant or sports bar. If you stay at home your dog can easily hang out with you during game time. Some dogs are sensitive to sudden loud noises, so keep that in mind while you’re yelling at the screen!


If you are going out to watch the game and you want to bring your dog along, just make sure that the place you are going is dog-friendly. Do a quick search online to find dog-friendly sports bars in your area. If you are planning to watch the game at a friend’s house, give your friend a call ahead of time to see if it is OK if you bring your dog.


If you are leaving your dog at home alone, you should make sure that your dog is in a safe, contained area with enough food, clean water, toys to keep him busy, and a comfortable place to lie down. It’s a good idea to take your dog for a walk before you leave so that he can work out some extra energy.


Stock Up on Snacks


Naturally you’ve got to have snacks on hand when you’re watching the game. If you are going out to a venue that serves food, it’s as simple as ordering off the menu. You might want to bring a small bag of dog treats for your pup if you’ve brought her along too.


If you are watching at home or at a friend’s house, you will need to plan a little more ahead of time. Some classic game day snacks are pizza, popcorn, chips, crackers, veggies, spinach dip, and guacamole. But hosting your own watch party means you can eat whatever you want, so get creative!


Watch the Game!


Once you are dressed up to show your team pride, arrived at your watch party venue, and stocked up on snacks, there’s only one thing left to do—watch the game! A little bit of preparation can make watching the NBA playoffs a memorable and fun experience…for you AND your dog.


How will you be watching the NBA Playoffs this year?



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