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Celebrating Dogs This Labor Day

by Alvin Nguyen

As we near Labor Day, it’s important to remember a few things regarding your doggo. For starters, keep all human food out of their paw’s reach. Something that may not be harmful to us could send your pup to the animal ER. If your dog will be spending Labor Day around a lot of people, you should also make sure that they are not afraid. Loud noises (like fireworks) and crowds could be as traumatizing to your dog as they are to veterans. And lastly, don’t forget to include your dog in the long weekend. Find her a nice treat, let her go camping with you, and play a few rounds of catch with her. She is part of the family, isn’t she?

Now, with that brief out of the way, let’s move on to the reason we need to celebrate these canines! Some dogs have jobs just as important as human’s! To prepare for Labor Day, let’s go over some of the most amazing careers that dogs have in 2018!

Search, Rescue, and Retrieve

Of course, we have to start with the obvious. There are thousands of dogs out there whose sole jobs are to rescue humans in need. One famous dog named Apollo rescued survivors after 9/11. He was badly injured, but never stopped searching for victims. A good rescue dog must be determined and have a strong connection to humans in general.

Bomb Specialists

These dogs have saved millions! While dogs who sniff out food or drugs catch crimes before they go too far, bomb sniffers can detect bombs before they are detonated. Detecting bombs is something impossible for humans to do without machinery. But dogs have a natural nose for it and can warn their masters before any lives are taken.

The Greatest Service

The term “service dog” can refer to one of many, many dogs. This could the picture in your head of a Golden Retriever leading a blind man. But this also refers to dogs who help physically impaired who can’t get up to get the paper or pick up the phone when it rings. That’s where the service dog comes in. Another service dog that you may not know exists is an “allergy detection” dog. They are trained to detect whatever it is their master is allergic to and alert them!

Remember, if you see a service dog alone in public, follow him. It is his job to take someone to his owner who is in need. Service dogs are a common tool for those who get seizures, have diabetes, or those with weak hearts.

Guarding the Irreplaceable

We all know that guard dogs are most important when guarding people. When you imagine a guard dog, you may picture a “mean” Rottweiler attacking an intruder, but in reality, the life of a guard dog is much simpler than that. Some guard dogs have no need for violence and are as sweet as can be. They are trained to sense whether or not the suspected human is malicious or friendly. However, there are select dogs that are trained to ignore energy and not let anyone into their territory. For this reason, it’s very important that guard dogs are intelligent and extremely loyal, so they won’t turn on their owners.

Therapeutic Friendships

Although most of us will say that our dog has been beneficial to us emotionally and psychologically, some dogs actually have a career in therapy. That’s what separates service dogs from therapy dogs. Service dogs detect physical needs whereas therapy dogs detect psychological needs. They can tell if their owner is depressed, lonely, overjoyed, stressed, or worried. In fact, they are trained to respond accordingly. If you’re lucky, your dog will passively learn to become an unofficial therapy dog just for you!

As you’ve learned, dog jobs are crucial in emergency situations as well as in everyday life. So, this Labor Day, remember to celebrate not just your dog, but every dog out there who works hard every day to make this world a better place.


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