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Celebration Safety – Calming Your Dog During Firework Season

by jillian.dahlen

Is Your Dog Scared of Firework?

July marks a time many dogs owners fear – Firework season. It can be a stressful time for both animal and owner. Furthermore, it can be dangerous because Animals that are not properly confined may run off at the sound of fireworks. Many dogs are afraid of the noise because they do not understand what it is and perceive it as a threat.

Some dogs will hit the ground running for bathtubs, closets, beds, and their owners. This is normal, and you should let them stay where they feel most secure unless it’s in a dangerous area like close to a heating element.

Some dogs have severe reactions to the sound of fireworks and soil the carpets or destroy furniture. Hopefully your pet is not in this category. In this article, we will talk about how to calm your dog during the summer festivities.


White noise

Try turning on loud background noise to drown out the noise that fireworks create. It can be as simple as turning on the TV, Radio, or music. Playing with your furry friend during the fireworks will also keep him preoccupied and distracted from the loud noises.

Some pets are more sensitive when there is too much noise going on in the background. If this is the case for your dog. Turn off all devices playing noise and play soft gentile music. Not all dogs are the same so make sure to experiment with both and see what works well with your pup.


Hang out in favorite spots

Find your pets favorite corner or spot to hang out. Make it comfortable by adding blankets, pillows, toys, or whatever comforts your dog and play with him. If he is not in a playful mood, pets and cuddles will be just as effective.

Do not over pet your dog or show any signs of neediness or anxiety. Your dog might interpret your emotions incorrectly and become more fearful. Avoid saying anything or looking at them in the eye until the fireworks are over. Your dog might interpret it as “cues” that something is wrong.


Get a Thunder Jacket

A thunder jacket is a vest with a series of straps and flaps that can be adjusted around your pet. The vest applies gentle and constant pressure around the chest and neck to relieve anxiety. This jacket can be used for dogs that are hyperactive or during times of high stress.


Other Methods

If your dog still suffers from anxiety consult your veteran for medication. Most of the time your dog will be prescribed melatonin. Melatonin is a natural way to calm down your dog if your pet decides to stay awake or they will sleep through the fireworks.


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