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Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Sporty Dog

by Coach Lilly



Are you looking for just the right name for your sporty dog? Here’s our roundup of sporty dog names for your athletic pup.


  1. Jordan – Michael Jordan, according to his official NBA bio, is the greatest basketball player of all time, a true superstar. If your dog has got style and gets big air when he jumps, Jordan might be the perfect name for him.


  1. Babe – Another sports legend, George Herman “Babe” Ruth was a Major League Baseball star in the 1920s and 1930s. He helped the Yankees to win four World Series Championships and with 60 home runs in 1927, he set a record for the most home runs in one season. If you name your dog Babe, you also get your pick of nicknames, including: “The Sultanof Swat”, “The Colossus of Clout”, “The King of Crash,” and of course, “The Great Bambino.”


  1. The Beast – Is your dog a beast? In the 1993 baseball movie “The Sandlot,” the Beast is the name of the giant English Mastiff guarding a backyard behind the sandlot where the boys play baseball. If your baseball goes over the fence, kiss it goodbye. The boys eventually find out that the Beast’s real name is (spoiler alert!) Hercules. Hercules would make a great dog name too!


  1. Zeus – And speaking of Greek gods, why not name your dog for the king of the gods, Zeus? In ancient Greece, Zeus ruled as the god of sky and thunder. If you have a powerful dog, he should have a powerful name.


  1. Ace – Ace means excellence, and in tennis it means a perfect serve that the receiver doesn’t even touch. Name your dog Ace if her favorite toy is a tennis ball.


  1. Nadia – Does your dog have a talent for acrobatics? Name her after famous Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, the first gymnast to achieve a perfect score of 10 in the Olympics. She was only 14 years old!


  1. Crackerjack – For a dog that loves a good seventh-inning stretch.


  1. Rocky – Ready for an early morning training run? (Raw eggs optional.) Rocky is a name for a tough dog that goes the distance.


  1. Adrian – Rocky’s best friend. Yo Adrian!


  1. Dale – Named after Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Dale Earnhardt Sr., champion NASCAR drivers. This is a name for a dog who likes to hang his head out the car window. You can also get a number 88 dog jersey for your dog to pay homage to his namesake.


  1. Wayne Gretzky – If hockey is your sport and your dog isn’t afraid of a little cold weather, you could name him after famous Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One.”


  1. Zamboni – This is a quirky name for another cold weather dog like a Siberian Husky or a Chow Chow.


  1. Coach – A classic name, for the pet that inspires you every day to get out there and do your best.


  1. Barkley – Inspired by basketball star Charles Barkley, this name would be appropriate for a dog that likes to bark and belongs to a dog owner that likes puns.


  1. Champ – For the pet who is the champion of your heart.


  1. Buddy – A solid name for man’s best friend. And sporty bonus: you can also call him “Bud,” as in “Air Bud.”


What are your favorite sporty dog names?


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