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Does Your Dog Get Enough Exercise?

by Coach Lilly

We all know how important exercise is each day and it is just as important that your dog get exercise too.  Our boston terriers, Lilly and Sophia look forward to our daily run/walk.  They know when I come downstairs in my sneakers it is their time to go out.  It is so cute!  We run 1-2 miles each day and it is the perfect amount since it isn’t hot right now in Florida.  Once the summer months hit, we’ll scale back a little and go for short walks a few times a day.  If your dog gets overheated it can be dangerous for their health! 

Some signs your dog is overheating include panting, reddened skin, and pale gums.  Make sure to monitor your pet during the walk or run.  If they aren’t used to much exercise, start off slow and build up to a longer walk gradually. 

Give it a try and take your dog out tonight for a nice stroll! It is something they will look forward to each day and it’s special one on one time for both of you. 




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