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Dog Birthdays – How Do You Celebrate?

by Coach Lilly

Doggie Birthdays are fun reasons to spoil our pups with extra love and gifts!   Make it a great day for your pup with these fun tips from DoggieNation:

1. Take pictures of your dog in a birthday hat and pose them in front of a dog bone cake with their age on it.  Many dog bone cakes can be found at your local dog bakery.

2. Take your pup to the dog park for the afternoon!  A day of running, playing and romping with other furry friends is just what your pup needs.

3. After the dog park enjoy the car ride back home.  Nothing pleases a dog more than taking them for a ride in the car (birthday or not!).  When I grab my dog’s leashes, they dart for the garage door immediately!

4. Give your pup some extra love!  Easy right?  Don’t forget about kisses, hugs and belly rubs.  Dogs love snuggle time and their birthday is the perfect day for extra time together.

Remember to set up his or her’s favorite bed with a new bone or toy and you’ve got one happy dog!  Tell us about special birthday activities you do with your pup!

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