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Dog Obesity is An Important Issue!

by Coach Lilly

We know it’s hard not to spoil your furry four legged friend – as dog owners ourselves, we know spoiling them comes with the territory.   Dog obesitity is an important topic that should be taken seriously.  You should weigh your pet on a frequent basis (as you would yourself) and keep track of their weight.  It’s unfortunate, but canine obesity is common and causes health problems for all dogs including, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis due to excess weight on their joints.  It’s important to make exercise a daily habit early in your dog’s life.  What dog doesn’t get excited and start wagging it’s tail the minute you grab their leash?  It’ll do both of you some good! 

Dogs that have arthritis may need assistance in starting an exercise program.  In addition to exercise and dietary changes, any successful weight management program for dogs involves your help too.  You may want to begin by resisting the urge to offer frequent snacks and treats to your dog and stop feeding them any table scraps.  Their digestion isn’t the same as ours and food cooked with oils, sauces or dressings may hurt their stomach also (in addition to consuming unnessary calories). 

Try to reward your dog’s good behavior with non-food related attention, such as playing fetch, taking them for a walk or simply petting them.  After a while they won’t even be sitting by the treat jar every time they do something good.  They’ll simply want you to pet them or say “Good Girl” or “Good Boy”.  Dogs love praise and it’s one of the most simple ways to reward them!


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