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Dog Sports Apparel & Wholesale Opportunity from DoggieNation!

by Coach Lilly

DoggieNation specializes in offering sports apparel for your dog, so if you happen to be a sports fanatic, wouldn’t it be great to see your dog wearing a tee or jersey with your favorite NFL team?  Or drinking or eating in a bowl with the logo of your alumni college school?  Or when you walk your dog, you will be proud that your dog is showing off your favorite baseball team with their dog’s collar and leash?

DoggieNation offers anything sports related for your dog.  Our most popular items include dog jerseys, dog collars, dog leashes, dog bandanas.  We also offer dog bowls, pet mats, dog tee shirts, dog sweaters and dog toys with logos of your favorite teams.  We have a huge selection of items!  We offer your favorite teams in Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL, NHL, Collegiate, NASCAR and Soccer.  All the products DoggieNation offers are officially licensed by the different leagues. 

Join our mailing list and you will receive current offers and promotions including free shipping!   Know someone who just got a puppy?  Why not send them a DoggieNation gift certificate and they can pick our something great for their new dog!  Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination and your reciepent will have it delivered to their email address.  It is really easy to redeem the gift certificate on our website! 

DoggieNation offers products at wholesale prices to dog stores, dog boutiques, dog groomers and doggie day cares nation wide.  We specialize in offering a “no minimum” policy – you can buy in any quantity you please.   You can register for wholesale access and we will approve you within 24 hours.   Visit us at and you will see the wide selection of dog apparel and other accessories!


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