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Hank The Dog! Hungry, thirsty, and looking for something to do Hank made his way into a baseball field hoping to find a ball to play with. What he found will melt your heart. Spring 2014, Hank was found wandering…

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Cute Pug Sticking His Tongue out

Haletosis Help!

Valentine’s day is over. Luckily your dog still loves you! Nothing is more horrifying than having your K9 in your face with a serious case of halitosis. Dog owners believe bad breath is normal, when in fact it could be…

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Show Your Pup Some Love

Show Your Pup Some Love

Let’s be honest, some of us would rather spend time with our pup instead of going on a date. When a dog follows us around its cute. But if a stranger does… Well, you call the cops. There are TONS…

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New Year, New Tricks!

New Year, New Tricks!

Whether you love or hate new year’s resolution. It is never a bad time to teach your dog new tricks. Teaching your dog new tricks is a terrific way to bond, burn off extra energy before the night, and sharpen…

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doggienation blog - Snow safety

Winter Safety Dog Edition

You might be ready for winter, but is your dog ready for winter? Most people assume because their furry friends have fur, that they can withstand the cold better than us. This is not always true. If it is too…

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DoggieNation Blog - Winter Dog Activities

Winter Dog Bonding Activities

Winter is coming…which means, we will all be spending more time indoors. After a long day of work, some serious cuddle time with your dog is extremely relaxing. Studies show that 20 minutes of petting sessions can lower blood pressure,…

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DoggieNation Blog - Dog Treats

Game Time Dog Treats. 7 Easy recipes

Even if you are a terrible cook or never made dog treats before, your dog will love these 4 dog treat recipes. (Even overcooked, Coach Lilly loves these options.) Don’t get us wrong, we prefer DoggieNation Team Treatz, but here are…

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A Dog Lover’s Guide to NASCAR

Some sporty dogs just love speed. And when it comes to speed, it’s hard to match the thrill of high-speed auto racing. The largest organization for professional stock car racing in the world is NASCAR, which stands for the National…

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Even More Halloween Dog Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up fast, and it’s a chance for proud pet parents to parade their pets with style. Last year DoggieNation brought you our list of 10 Halloween Dog Costume Ideas for Your Furry Friend, and this year, we…

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Doggie-Nation-Airbug-Blog (002)

Classic Movies Starring Dogs

Here at DoggieNation, we’re all about living an active, sporty lifestyle with your dog. But with fall weather arriving and colder winds blowing, sometimes all you want to do is Netflix and cuddle with your dog. For those times, we…

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Hockey-Dog (002)

A Dog Lover’s Guide to Hockey

The National Hockey League (NHL) 2017 season opens on October 4th. To commemorate, DoggieNation presents A Dog Lover’s Guide to Hockey. History of Hockey Ancestors of hockey include stick-and-ball games dating back to ancient times. Eventually these games moved to…

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Dogs, Kids, and Dog Bite Prevention

  Last month on the blog we talked about tips for helping your dog socialize with other dogs, people, and kids. When dogs and kids get together, it can be fun and rewarding if everything goes well, and disastrous if…

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A Tribute to Canine Heroes

Merriam-Webster defines “hero” as “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities, one who shows great courage.” We think that this definition should also include dogs admired for their nobility and great courage! Canine heroes help people every day. They…

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Helping Your Dog Socialize

Summertime is social time. The warm weather makes most of us feel like getting out and seeing friends more often at social gatherings and other meetups. Spending more time outside and with other people is great, but if you are…

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Top Tips for Going Camping with Your Dog

Is camping on the list of your favorite summertime things to do? Going camping can take a lot of preparation and planning, but for many, the nights spent in the wild sleeping under the stars are worth all the time…

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dog toy.jpg2

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers on

  Are you looking for the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life? Or maybe even a gift for your own dog? Sometimes, there’s nothing better than giving a thoughtful gift to show someone (or some pup!) that…

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Dealing with Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

If you’ve ever seen your dog get stressed out when you leave him home alone, possibly even whining, barking, and scratching doors and furniture, you may have wondered if your dog suffers from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can be a…

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Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Sporty Dog

    Are you looking for just the right name for your sporty dog? Here’s our roundup of sporty dog names for your athletic pup.   Jordan – Michael Jordan, according to his official NBA bio, is the greatest basketball…

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A Dog Lover’s Guide to Watching the NBA Playoff

  The 2017 NBA Playoffs kicked off on April 15th. The first round is done, and the Conference Semifinals and Conference Finals games will be played all through May, leading up to the start of the NBA Finals on June…

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What We’re Looking Forward to This Baseball Season

Do you feel a certain warmth in the breeze? Smell flowers blooming? Are you finally leaving the house without your heavy winter jacket? Yes, all things these are signs that spring has returned, and the return of spring also means…

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