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Even More Halloween Dog Costume Ideas

by jillian.dahlen

Halloween is coming up fast, and it’s a chance for proud pet parents to parade their pets with style. Last year DoggieNation brought you our list of 10 Halloween Dog Costume Ideas for Your Furry Friend, and this year, we are bringing you even more Halloween dog costume ideas—share your ideas in the comments!


A Rock Star

Dress up your pup in this “Rock Star” Dog Tee Shirt and get ready to rock out! Accessories (think toy guitar, sunglasses, drumsticks) optional.


#1 Sports Fan

Who says you have to dress up as something you’re not? You and your dog may be sports fans yearround—on Halloween let everyone know it with a DoggieNation dog jersey, tee, or sweater.


A Firefighter

This costume idea would be super cute on any dog, but it is an especially great fit for Dalmatians! If you don’t want to buy a firefighter costume, you could even make your own for your dog with any dog tee and some reflective tape.


A Mermaid

For the diva who loves long walks on the beach. With a shiny scaly mermaid tail and maybe even a wig, this is a costume with drama.


A Ghost

Go old school with the classic ghost costume. You can make a modified ghost costume. for your dog using an old sheet or pillowcase. Capes and hoods work best so your dog’s face isn’t covered. You dog will be happiest when he can breathe freely and everyone can see his cute face!


A Butterfly

Maybe your dog loves to chase butterflies. Maybe a butterfly is the perfect Halloween costume for your dog this year. This is another costume that you can make on your own at home.


A Chef

For the dog that just isn’t satisfied by regular dog food. If your dog is a gourmet, choosing a chef costume for Halloween just makes sense. All your dog needs is a chef’s hat and maybe a cute bandanna as a neckerchief.


A Lawyer

If your dog loves to cuddle up with you and watch law shows, it’s time to break out those clip-on ties for your dog’s collar. If anyone says your dog isn’t the cutest dog around this Halloween, you can say, “Objection!”


A Hamburger

If your dog dressed up as a hot dog last year, subvert expectation and dress your dog up as an adorable hamburger. You can find hamburger dog costumes for sale, or like many of these dog Halloween costume ideas, you can try making your own.


An Athlete

Browse a wide selection of athlete name dog jerseys at Your favorite pet could be dressed up as your favorite player.

We hope these ideas sparked your imagination. Happy Halloween!


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