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Go Green This Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Dog Tips

by Coach Lilly


April 22nd is Earth Day, a chance to reflect on what our planet means to us, and the steps we can take to preserve it.

After all, our environment is our pet’s environment too, and taking good care of our planet will help make it a better place to live and play.

Today we would like to present 5 tips to make life with your dog a little bit more environmentally friendly:





Clean green.

Many common household cleaners can contain additives and strong chemicals that can be harmful for the environment if used incorrectly, not to mention, dangerous for your dog. There are natural, non-toxic cleaning products available, but you might also be amazed how effective common household ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, salt, and lemon juice can be. These powerful alternatives are natural, nontoxic, and safe to use on your pet and his environment. Clean up accidents, odors, teeth, give your dog a bath or freshen up her pillow.



If you buy canned food for your dog, don’t miss an opportunity to recycle those cans!

When you are cleaning up dog waste, try to use bags that are biodegradable instead of plastic whenever you can. At the very least, re-use extra plastic bags from the store rather than buying new plastic bags to clean up after your dog.

If you are getting rid of old blankets or sheets, donate them to your local animal shelter as bedding for the animals there.


Adopt a pet.

Many dogs at your local shelter are in need of a home. If you’re thinking of bringing a new dog into your home, consider adopting. You can also help reduce pet overpopulation by making sure that your pets are spayed or neutered.


Be eco-conscious with your purchases.

You can show your commitment to the environment by being mindful of what you purchase for your pet. When buying dog food, take a look at the ingredients to make sure they’re organic, chemical free and devoid of artificial additives. Food that is free of these chemicals and additives is not only better for your dog, but the earth as well. Alternatives to consider are making your own dog food or buying locally produced products. Buying dog food and other pet supplies in bulk is another way you can cut down on packaging waste.


It’s also a good idea to buy products for your dog that are high quality, especially when made of sustainable, organic, recycled materials. High quality products last longer and reduce waste long term. You can shop for high quality DoggieNation products like dog bowls, dog collars, leashes, and dog jerseys to show your pride for your favorite sports team right here.


What are some earth-friendly tips you have discovered in life with your dog? Please share your tips below in the comments!


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