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Great Ways To Acclimate Your New Pup!

by Coach Lilly

Puppies need a lot of supplies for basic needs and toys to keep them occupied.  We recently got a new puppy, a Boston Terrier named Lilly.  She is a great tempered, active and healthy puppy.  She’s also extremely curious, so we give her a lot of toys to keep busy! 

Get a Crate
The first item to get for your new puppy is a crate.  The crate needs to be large enough so that your puppy can turn around, sit, lie down and stand up comfortably.  Plus you want your puppy to have room to grow, so make sure to get a crate one size up.  You may want to put a pillow in the bed for extra comfort, especially if they will be sleeping in the crate at night.

There are many styles of crates at the pet stores, so try not to get overwhelmed when choosing one.  Our preference is a wire framed crate so your pup can look around and see out.  There are also collapsible crates that fold up if you will be traveling with your dog.

Dogs need beds too
The choice of beds is overwhelming, we suggest starting with an oval shaped plush dog bed is a good choice.  DoggieNation offers these beds four sizes for different size dogs and you can get your favorite team logo on the bed!  Another great thing about our oval collegiate beds is the cover can be easily removed for washing.

Collar and Leash for walking
Lilly used to dislike walking on a leash at first, but that didn’t last too long!  Now she loves to take daily walks.  We suggest a nylon collar because it is durable, inexpensive, easy to clean and will last a long time.  We also suggest getting a name tag engraved with your new puppy’s name abd your contact information.

A six foot nylon leash is ideal and it will allow you to easily control your puppy.

Food and Water Bowls
We advise getting bowls that are the stainless steel with rubber bottoms that won’t slide on the floor.  DoggieNation offers a variety of Major League Baseball, NFL, Collegiate and NHL dog bowls.  We also offer high quality, durable plastic bowls in two sizes for Major League Baseball and Collegiate teams.

Puppies need lots of toys to keep them busy!  We suggest small toys with sqeakers your pup can carry around, tennis balls and hard chewing toys.  Puppies begin teething around 3-4 months old and tough dental toys will aid in their teething.  Be sure to constantly supervise your dog with any toy!

Getting a new puppy is exciting and fun.  It is important to make the transition into your home easy and comfortable for them and for you!

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