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by Alvin Nguyen

Hank The Dog!

Hungry, thirsty, and looking for something to do Hank made his way into a baseball field hoping to find a ball to play with. What he found will melt your heart.

Spring 2014, Hank was found wandering a baseball training facility by coach Ed Sedar. Underweight, malnourished, and teeth chipped the team took turns watching over Hank as they searched for his owner.  When they could not find the owner, they rescued Hank and adopted him. He was taken to the local veterinarian for treatment.

The team named the dog Hank. After the legendary Henry “Hank” Aaron. Henry was ranked 5th on the “100 Greatest Baseball Players” list in 1999.  Henry Aaron played 12 seasons in Milwaukee during his career.

News of this unofficial mascot went viral. Hank was all everyone could talk about. He soon got his own team jersey numbered “K9” and joined the team for practice.

The Team started a fundraiser for the Human Society by selling Hank t-shirts and gear for the fans. 20% of all the sales goes to the Human Society. The shirts instantly became a best seller! Hank became a celebrity.

As Hank’s popularity grew, so did his merchandise. During a baseball game against The Giants, The Brewers gave out “Hank Beach Towels” to all the fans that attended the game that Wednesday.

Hank went from skinny scruffy pup to healthy groomed dog. His transformation was so drastic that rumors of Hank being replaced by another dog started to appear all over the web saying Hank had passed away and was actually replaced by Hank #2.

Milwaukee Brewers took this controversy seriously and held a press conference to settle the issue. Hank was brought on stage with a veterinarian where he said, “This is definitely the real Hank.”

How do they know?

When Hank was rescued, the animal hospital gave Hank a microchip. The microchip confirmed that this was the one and only Hank.

Is Hank Dead?

Nope! He is still barking! Hank now joins team during practice and attends the baseball games.

Hank At Practice



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