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Help Your Hound Stay Found: Lost Dog Prevention Month

by Coach Lilly


Did you know that July is Lost Dog Prevention Month? The American Humane Association reports that every year approximately 10 million pets are lost.



July 5 is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters, since they are caring for a high number of pets that ran away or got loss because of the stress of Fourth of July fireworks and outdoor parties. This is a great time to consider how you can prevent your pet from getting lost so you can keep enjoying a happy and safe summer together. Here are a few tips.


Get your dog a collar and identification tags. You can find some cute and comfortable collars for your dog right here on! You should make sure that your dog’s collar fits snugly so it won’t fall off. You can also get a microchip for your dog, but getting physical ID tags for your dog’s collar remains the simplest and most effective way to ensure that if your dog does happen to get lost, whoever finds him will be able to identify him and help him get home safe.


Make your home and backyard escape-proof. If your dog is playing in the backyard, make sure that the gates are shut and that there are not any holes or openings where she can wriggle through and get out. You should also check that there is not anything leaning against the fence that your dog could climb on to jump over the fence. When your dog is inside, be aware of when any outside doors are opened so that she doesn’t get outside then.


Keep special watch on your dog during transportation. This is an especially vulnerable time since your dog is in unfamiliar territory, and may try to run away, especially if you are on your way to the vet or groomers, places that your dog may not like to go. Your dog should definitely be on a leash at these times, or even better, in a portable kennel.


Make sure your dog is properly trained. If you are taking care to train your dog, you will greatly reduce the risk of your dog running away. If your dog is running away from you, do not chase her. This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you chase a dog who is running away, she may either think it is a game and keep running or panic and run even faster to escape. If your dog is trained to come to you when you call, you have an advantage.


Make sure you know where all your pet’s records are, including proof of ownership. This way, if your dog is found after being lost, you will be able to prove that you are his owner. It’s also a good idea to have recent photos of your dog that you will be able to show to other if you need to search for her. If your dog is lost, call your local shelter and ask around as much as possible for help reuniting with your dog.


Following these tips will help you prevent your dog from getting lost. Do you have any other ideas? Please share in the comments below!




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