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Holiday Season 2103 is here!

by Coach Lilly

The holiday season are bright and cheery, but please remember some items pose a danger to your pets.

Tinsel, while not toxic, is very attractive to pets, particularly to cats. The shiny, dangling decoration reflects light and can move in the slightest draft, and looks like fun to any feline.

Twinkling, shiny and dangling holiday lights — such as the Christmas tree lights, netting, garland may be a source of danger to your curious pets.  Extension cords and lights may cause an electrical shock.  Candles can cause fires if knocked over, why not consider using the flameless candles?  They are pretty and may avoid any potential household dangers.

Gift wrapping ribbons may cause a choking hazard.  It’s best to quickly throw out ribbons and bows wrapped around gifts so that your dogs and cats won’t be enticed to swallow or chew them.  Ingested ribbon may cause a choking hazard and ultimately twist throughout the intestines, leading to emergency surgery.  That doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend your holiday!

Chocolate is poisoneous to dogs and cats.  It may be tempting to give your pup a delicious treat, but please do not!  Depending on the type and amount of chocolate ingested, dogs might experience diarrahea, vomiting, tremors or seizures.  Please make sure small children do not give your pets any chocolate.

Taking precautions with pets during these festive times can help ensure that your family will enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season!




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