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Ideas to keep your dog busy!

by Coach Lilly

Our puppy Lilly (she is 1 and a half but I still consider her a puppy) always has to be busy.  She is a boston terrier and anyone who knows the breed knows what I am talking about – they have high energy.  She even has a nickname as the Boston “Terror”!  When she’s not napping, she pretty much wants to stay busy 24/7.  We have another Boston Terrier, Sophia, who is 8.  She’s a bit more calm but she loves to stay busy too. I’ve been racking my brain on ways to keep them entertained and here’s what we came up with.

• Exercise: We go walking every day, I take her and Sophia for a nice walk around the block.  It takes about 20 minutes the entire way and she is pretty content when we get back.

• Her Environment: We have lots of toys around the house, Lilly & Sophia really love tennis balls and will play fetch for a long while.  It’s their favorite and they always bring the ball right back!  We also keep large nylabones in every room.  There’s nothing they love more than to knaw on those for hours.

• Games: Dogs need to stimulate their minds too.  I found great puzzle game by the Kyjen Company called the Kibble Drop Dog Treat Toy.  When treats are dropped into the top of the toy, they fall randomly into one of the four treat chambers covered by flaps. Via scent, dogs must determine which chamber the treat has fallen into and which flap to lift in order to retrieve the treat.  Scent holes on the chambers assist in the dog’s search for reward!

• Dog Park: We take Lilly & Sophia to the dog park every Saturday for agility classes and socialzing with other pups.  Sophia knows when we are turning in to the park (she starts to whine a little).  The agility class is approximately an hour and they both enjoy the class.

Well, we hope that your dog stays as busy as ours…..and what do you know……as I am typing this post Lilly wants to play more fetch!  Go figure!


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