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Initial college football BCS standings released

by Coach Lilly

Some would say that the college football season is now officially in mid-season form, now that the first set of BCS rankings have come out.

This means that we’re now in conference play, and a single loss from here on out will likely cost a top 10 team a shot at playing for the national championship.

So who tops the list? Well that should come as no surprise to you.
It’s the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Alabama has followed up their 2011 national title year by not only winning every game thus far in 2012 (through 6 games)… but by dominating each and every opponent along the way. Their average margin of victory has been 33 points per game!

It’s no surprise that at Doggienation, we cannot keep enough Alabama inventory in stock! Their fans are proud and passionate and are eager to deck out their pups in the newest and coolest Alabama gear.

So who else rounds out the top 10? Check out the rankings below. You may be surprised by some of the teams (Oregon State, anyone?)

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Oregon
4. Kansas State
5. Notre Dame
6. LSU
7. South Carolina
8. Oregon State
9. Oklahoma
10. USC

So, the last question is… did your team make the cut?!


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