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Is your dog bored while you are at work?

by Coach Lilly

Do you know what your dog is up to when you are at work?  Chances are they are napping all day but there is also a chance they are destroying your house!  Our pup Lilly falls into the destroying category, luckily she doesn’t mind her kennel.  We’ve made it nice and cozy in there for her.

If you do leave your dog out of a kennel, here are some helpful tips we have used ourselves to keep them busy during the day.

  1. Leave the TV or Radio on when you’re not home, perhaps a music station or something soothing. (this may help relax your dog and make her feel like she’s not alone)
  2. Make sure your dog has enough room to walk around and get a little exercise.
  3. Keep a few toys around, but be sure to examine them to make sure they cannot ingest any of the toy or cause any harm to themselves.  Dogs usually have a favorite toy so hopefully that one is safe to leave out.
  4. Put a pillow and blanket on the couch for them to nap on.  Our dogs love to lay under blankets and snuggle all day.  Check out our selection of MLB, NFL and Collegiate dog pillows – they are super cozy.
  5. Consider getting another dog so your dog isn’t alone!  Dogs that have a playmate are generally happier animals.

Dogs are social animals; they love to be around people and other dogs.  When you get home from work, they’ll be so happy to see you!  Why not take your dog for a walk to release some energy and spend time together?  It will be beneficial for both of you!



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