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Losing a pet is always hard

by Coach Lilly

Having a dog is one of life’s great joys and every pet owner knows how much fun a dog can be.  The obvious downside of having a pet is when they pass away – whether unexpected, of an illness or old age.  It is never easy and is extremely tough to get over.  Whether your pet lives 6 or 16 years (very lucky if you get 16 years with your pet!) it is always hard and the pain of not having them in our daily life is tough.  From personal experience, we know what losing a pet is like. 

Well, our story began in November of 2010.  Our Boston Terrier Punky ate something that got caught in her stomach, she needed emergency sugrery and spent 2 weeks at the animal hospital recovering.  She finally came home and we were just so excited to have her back!  Two weeks later she experienced a seizure and we took her back to the same animal hospital.  After further testing the doctors found Punky had a brain tumor and we opted to do radiation to shrink the tumor.  The radiation was given to her for 4 weeks.  She got through the radiation and once again, we thought all would go back to normal.  It did….but only for about a week.  In early February (right before Punky’s 10th birthday), she collapsed walking down the hallway.  We went right back to the animal hospital.  After further testing, Punky’s red blood count was down to a 13.  In a normal, healthy dog this number should be around 40-45.  She immediately had a blood transfuion and stayed at the animal hospital again.  The doctors ran many tests and could not find what was wrong with her.  She had a 2nd bood transfusion and more tests – this went on for about 2-3 weeks.  Finally on February 25, 2011 our sweet Punky lost her battle.  The experience of almost losing her in November, then January and finally in February was devastating.  Every person we told our story to could not believe all that she/we went through.

A lot of time was spent mourning our precious Punky and not a day goes by that she is not missed.  We know we have done everything possible to help her but also know that it is out of our hands.  There was another plan ahead for Punky and she has crossed the rainbow bridge with all of the other furry friends there, hopefully playing and chasing that tennis ball she loved so much.

As an avid dog lover, I knew we would get another puppy eventually.  We have a 7 year old Boston Terrier Sophia and didn’t want her to be lonely.  A few months after Punky was gone, we welcomed Lilly into our family (another Boston Terrier).  She is a bundle of energy and it is nice to laugh again after so much sorrow.  Please remember that when you get a new dog: you are not replacing the one you lost, you are just “learning to love someone new” – a wise person gave me that advice and it is so true.

Here is a picture of me and my beloved Punky from 2009.  We have a lot of great memories together!  Remember to keep the memories with your pet with you always!



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