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National Pet Adoption Month!

by Coach Lilly

Did you know June is National Pet Adoption Month?  Support your local shelter and save a life!  Adopting a pet is very rewarding and many animals in local shelters are in need a loving home.  You can be the one to provide that home today!

Here are some helpful tips to get ready for your new pet:

1. Start looking at your local humane society or local pet rescue groups.  Not sure where to start looking?  Just visit google and you will be amazed at what your local town offers. 

2. Take the whole family along!  Even if you already have a pet, bring them along to see the interaction between your family and the new pet. 

3. Owing a pet is a big responsibility and make sure you have time for your pet.  They cannot be ignored just because you are too busy.  Pets require water, food, exercise and companionship every day. 

4. Be prepared for the costs of pet ownership including vaccinations, veterinary care, grooming, toys, food and other expenses.  Also sign your pet up for dog insurance.  Here at DoggieNation you can get a free and quick quote through Trupanion! 

5. Find a good veterinarian – ask friends and family who they use if you need a recommendation.  Bring your new pet to a veterinarian for a wellness exam and/or vaccinations within a few days after the adoption.

6. Learn some good housetraining tips, figure out a plan and coordinate it with your family.  It is important that each family member assists with the training.  Many times your dog will show you clues that they have to outside and once you pick up on these clues it is easier to house train them.  Be sure to reward your dog with praises after they are successful with “good boy” or “good girl”.  Dogs respond to the tone of your voice and will know you are praising them. 

7. Get a crate because this will give your dog a sense of security by offering them a place that is all their own.  Crate training is great for when you are at work and for sleeping at night.  Put a pillow and blanket in there and they will have that cozy and safe feeling when you are away. 

Once you get your new pet, join DoggieNation’s Facebook community – we would love to see pictures of your new dog!!/DoggieNation


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