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Need A New Activity To Do With Your Dog?

by Coach Lilly

Try taking him or her to the dog park, it is a great way for both of you to socialize.  It is nice to meet other dog owners and you tend to see the same people there each weekend.  By being there with your dog, you have an automatic conversation starter – it’s easy to make new friends when you have dogs in common!  Before you head out, make sure to bring plenty of water, a drinking bowl and a towel.  Dogs tend to get a little messy out there (at least Lilly does, she runs through a lot of dirt).

We’ve been spending our Saturday mornings this spring at our local dog park in Winter Springs, Florida.  It has areas for all sizes of dogs – “Big Dogs” and “Small Dogs”.  Of course Lilly ends up in the small dog section and she has a blast!   She just runs and plays for about an hour.  It is a great way for her to get out all that puppy energy and meet all kinds of new dogs to play with.

Sophia is enrolled in doggie agility each Saturday at the park.  Brad spends time with her in that area while I am with Lilly.  Our new dog trainer (Darryl at Pawfection Pet Training) is there each weekend and spends time showing you how to train your dog and take them through the agility courses.  She is really getting the hang of it and is quite athletic if I must say!  Sophia jumps over bars, goes through tires and runs up ramps!  It is so fun to watch her do all these activities.

So, the next time you want to do something different with your pups, try your local dog park!




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