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New Puppy

by Coach Lilly

Getting a New Puppy?

Are you getting a new puppy?  You’ve picked a name and now can’t wait for puppy to come home.  Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time for a family, we’re here to help you with the items needed for your new furry friend!

  • Chew and Plush Toys
  • Kennel for crate training
  • Puppy Food (ask your veteranian which brand to buy)
  • Collar and Leash – from DoggieNation of course!
  • Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is the most important thing you can buy for your puppy.  You never know when an accident or illness may strike.  Emergency vet care is expensive and when unexpected expenses occur you want to make sure your puppy is covered.  

You can sign up for Trupanion’s pet insurance right here at DoggieNation.  Get your free quote and sign up today!!   Your pet will thank you for it!


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