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NFL – the top seeds advance

by jasonmagnicari

Another playoff round in the books, and this one went a little more chalk than the previous round.  In fact, all four favorites won and are advancing to the conference championship games next weekend.  The only home favorite who really had to sweat was the New Orleans Saints, who went down 14-0 in the blink of an eye on Sunday and had to play catch up for the next 3 quarters and then had to come up with a pivotal interception in the final minutes of the game when the Eagles were driving to win the game.  But thanks to the aforementioned interception (which went right through the hands of Eagles receiver Alshon Jeffery), the Saints wrapped up the win and concluded the divisional round of the playoffs, leaving us with the #1 and #2 seeds in each the AFC and the NFC prevailing and battling next weekend.

So, that begs the question, what Super Bowl match up does America want to see?  Patriots – Saints?  Rams – Patriots? Chiefs – Saints?  Chiefs – Rams? In my opinion, there’s not a bad match up that could be had out of these four teams.  There are a multitude of story lines with any of the potential match ups that we could see.  All four teams have high flying offenses, lots of star power on the field, and intriguing head coaches.

The Quarterback dynamic will be fascinating to see play out.  Will we see the old-timers prevail this weekend, giving us an epic Brees vs Brady Super Bowl showdown?  Or will the young guns dethrone the established QBs, giving us a Mahomes vs Goff championship duel and thus elevating one of these guys into the elite class of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks?  Or yet the third and just as appealing option, we will see one of the old guys versus one of the young guys in the biggest game of them all; a clash of the generations, if you will.

The only guarantee this Sunday is that I’ll be sitting there watching this all play out, and starting the two week countdown until the Big Game on February 3rd.

So, fans, who do you have in the Super Bowl?


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