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(PAW) Print Newsletter Issue #1.

by Coach Lilly

News Letter

From The Coach

My humans know that regular exercise is important for my well being. Now that summer is well underway, they’ve asked me to put together this article sharing my thoughts as a dog with all of you other dog pawrents out there.

To get started we should probably talk about playtime (because let’s face it, that’s almost as important as cat-chasing). Everyone knows that, but not everyone knows playtime can also be a great exercise time.

And it doesn’t end there, while we’re running around the dog park having the best time of our lives you guys can just hang out! I think some of my dogrades (comrades) need more attention than others. But if you know we like to make friends then bring us to the dog park! We’ll use loads of energy and have a blast too. Think that fetch is just as good, furrr get about it.

– Coach Lily


Summer Tips For You & Your Pup

• Know the Signs of Heatstroke     • Healthy, Happy Exercise     • Dog-Park Do’s & Don’ts


»    Know The Signs Of Heat Stroke And What You Should Do

Signs include but are not limited to: Panting, dehydration, shock, excessive drooling, vomiting blood, rapid heart rate, reddened gums, increased body temperature. If your dog is experiencing these symptoms he may have heatstroke, if this is the case the following tips may help treat his condition. Lower the dog’s temperature by moving him to a cooler location (indoors is preferable). Give your dog cool water to drink. Do not give him ice cold water, as this can change the dog’s temperature too quickly and lead to other problems.

»    Healthy, Happy Exercise 

Go for a run!

This is a perfect opportunity to exercise your pup while getting some ‘you’ time in too.

Leash, Leash, Leash.

Take your pup on a walk and count it as a win for you both. Studies show that regular exercise decreases stress in people while also increasing the average lifespan for dogs. Leash training is also a perfect opportunity to socialize your dog with his fellow canines, which should be done and the earlier the better.


Fetch! As mere humans we don’t fully grasp the enjoyment and fulfillment that the majority of dogs associate with the retrieving  of inanimate objects, but don’t let this stop you from participating as best as you can.

Fetch is a favorite pastime of most pooches and it is also the perfect opportunity to combine exercise with play. Though more of a ‘work out’ for the pup, don’t get lazy. A good game for a strong pup,  requires at a minimal 15 minutes.

» Dog-Park Do’s & Dont’s

Do: Pay attention to the signs that tell where the designated leash-free zones are.

Don’t: Let your dog loose as soon as you step into the Park.

Do: Bring toys for your dog to play with.

Don’t: Assume other dog owners are fine with your dog chewing up their dog’s toys too.

Do: Introduce your dog to other pups if the other dog owner is okay with it.

Don’t: Let your dog introduce himself/herself to all the other pups in the park on his own.

Do: Bring a leash along.

Don’t: Assume you won’t need a leash. It is always better to play it safe and have one just in case.

Do: Bring along some water and a bowl for your pup for when he/she gets thirsty.

Don’t: Count on the public water fountain or duck pond to be a safe alternative.

What is it called when a cat wins a dog show? 



This Newsletter is the first of a series which will be published on a monthly basis. Keep an eye out for the next issue!




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