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Play Ball! The Sporting Life with Your Dog

by Coach Lilly


You’ve probably figured out by now that at DoggieNation, we are huge sports fans. We know you love sports, and you love your dog, and that there’s not much that can top getting your dog in on the fun of watching and cheering for your favorite teams while wearing a team jersey. But sporty dogs don’t like to stay on the sidelines for long. Get your dog in on all the sports action of the season with these fun ideas.





Baseball: Batter up! We’ve got a couple more months to wrap up the Major League Baseball season. Did you know that some Major League Baseball have days and events specifically geared toward our favorite four-legged friends? Sometimes known as “Bark at the Park,” sometimes known as “Dog Days,” these are special events that are all about celebrating baseball’s most loyal canine fans. At these games, stadiums actually encourage fans to bring their dogs along. The New York Mets even host a dog parade and give a portion of the proceeds from the tickets to charity. What could be better than that? To find out if your team has dog-friendly games, search online or check out your team’s official website.


If you missed your team’s dog day this year, you can play at home with baseball and baseball bat plush dog toys like the ones here. We’re willing to bet that your dog will love to go fetch in the outfield, run the bases, and slide into home.


Football: The National Football League season kicks off in September. And don’t forget about college and high school football! All together there are games to watch to your football-loving heart’s content. You and your dog can get dressed in your football jerseys and get ready to scrimmage. Is your dog a husky defender, a speedy running back, or more of a nimble quarterback type?


If you’re looking for football dog toys, we’ve got you covered there too, with plenty of plush toys and balls to choose from.


Hockey: The 2016-17 season of the National Hockey League doesn’t get started until October, but it’s not too early to get excited. You can get your dog outfitted here. It’s too slippery to take your dog out on the ice, so it’s probably safer to leave this sport to the professionals. But dressed in a warm jersey supporting your favorite hockey team, your dog can happily play in the snow later this winter.


Is your favorite sport season coming up? How do you get your dog involved in the fun? Share your ideas with us in the comments!




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