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Playing with the Big Boys – 5 Things to Consider with Large Breeds

by jillian.dahlen

Are you thinking about going big? Like giant cotton ball with four legs that roams your house big? Large dogs can be fun and exciting, but there are pros and cons to owning a massive K9. Before visiting your local pound or breeder, here are five things you want to plan for.


Dogs can be very expensive, the smallest pupperoni can cost thousands of dollars a year. As we scale up in “dog”, so can the expenses.  Larger dogs will eat more than small dogs, giant breeds tend to have more genetic health conditions that require special diets. Vets also tend to increase rates the heavier the dog.

Keeping your dog groomed and looking sharp will cost you a pretty penny. Professional pet groomers also charge more for large dogs, not to mention trying to wash a 300-pound dog in your bathtub can be a challenge.


Most large dogs are more sedentary. They prefer to lay on the couch or porch instead of chasing a ball, but this does not always make them ideal pets for small apartments. Large dogs still need space to roam around and explore so they don’t feel caged. Lack of room for your large furry friend will increase the chances of depression and anxiety. Make sure your dog has lots of room to play and lounge.

Walking your dog two to three times a day is highly recommended and play dates are a must. Large dogs that are not socialized can be difficult to take on walks. Make sure they are used to being around other dogs and humans to prevent aggressive behavior.


Handling loss is difficult, especially when it comes to our pets. Big dogs are not built for longevity. Compared to smaller breeds, large dogs have a shorter lifespan. Take this into consideration when adopting a giant dog. It is not fun to hear, but it will remind you every day to cherish every moment when hanging out with your furry friend.


Large dogs are people magnets. I mean how can you ignore a teddy bear or miniature horse? You will likely be asked a lot of questions everywhere you go. Which isn’t a bad thing, unless you are an introvert.

Train your large dogs to prevent behavioral issues. A small dog barking can be cute, but a bear growling at you might get you in trouble with animal control.


Can you lift more than 80 pounds? How about 200? Giant dogs are not only big, but they are super strong! Be prepared for these large dogs to tug you around unless they are properly trained. A dog who weights as much as you do can be difficult to hold back. Learn how to communicate with your furry friend and create that special bond so he or she is more willing to listen.


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