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Show Your Dog Your Appreciation during National Pet Month

by Coach Lilly

At DoggieNation, we know that you love and appreciate your pet dog year-round. But isn’t it nice to know that May is officially National Pet Month, and the first week in May is officially National Pet Week? What better time to show your four-legged friend a little extra care and attention?


National Pet Week was created in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and is meant to celebrate the more than 200 million pets living in the United States and encourage pet owners to give those pets the care that they need. This year is the 35th Annual National Pet Week. Read on for ideas on how you can commemorate.



Take some time to reflect on how much your pet means to you.


Have you ever come home after a stressful day and found your dog ready and waiting to cheer you up and help you decompress? There are real physical benefits to owning a pet. Studies show that caring for a pet can help pet owners decrease blood pressure and lower cholesterol.


Having a dog can also help you become more social, bringing emotional and psychological benefits. You’ll know this is true if you’ve ever taken your dog out for a walk in the neighborhood, to the dog park, or even the office if your office is pet-friendly. Showing up with your pet is an instant icebreaker and can help you connect with other dog lovers.


Does your dog give you unconditional love? For many dog owners, the unconditional love, acceptance, and affection that dogs provide is one of the most meaningful parts of their relationship with their pets.


As you reflect on all the goodness that your dog brings into your life, you might want to record some of your thoughts in a personal journal, or consider snapping a few extra photos or shooting video of a play session with your dog. These journal entries, photos, and videos can help preserve special memories of your dog for years.


Show the appreciation you feel for your dog with extra time or treats. 


There are lots of things you can do to show your appreciation for your dog. You can go for a longer walk in a scenic area and give him a little extra time to sniff around and explore. You could help your dog make new dog friends by taking him to the dog park to socialize. You can give your dog your undivided attention as your scratch her behind the ears and give her a little massage. You could give her a tasty dog treat or get her a special toy like the fun sports team themed toys available at


However you choose to pamper your pet this National Pet Week and National Pet Month, you are sure to find that your love and appreciation for your dog will grow. Do you have any ideas for expressing the appreciation you feel for your dog? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!


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