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Show Your Pup Some Love

by Alvin Nguyen

Let’s be honest, some of us would rather spend time with our pup instead of going on a date. When a dog follows us around its cute. But if a stranger does… Well, you call the cops. There are TONS of benefits to spending the night in with your dog.

No need to share desserts with your dog (Treats are highly recommended).

Puppy naps are the best!

You don’t have to look “presentable” for your dog.

Dogs don’t judge people.

Did I mention dogs don’t talk?



Here are 8 simple gestures to show your dog you love them.

Increase the cuddles! I love cuddles, period. The good news is that dogs love it too! Wake up earlier and give your pet some cuddle time in the mornings. Hitting the snooze button with your dog will become your favorite morning ritual. Not only does this start your day right. Your dog will feel loved! Studies show that snuggling with your dog lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels in the blood stream.

Get some fresh air! Dogs love to go outside. Even if its just for a few minutes. The next time you are working and need a quick five-minute break. Take a quick walk around the block. Its great exercise for both you and your dog.

Evening walks. Walking your dog before going to bed will promote a good night’s rest for you and Fido. This will burn off excess energy stored inside your dog. Plus, this will allow your dog to meet their biological needs before hitting the sack.

Keep them busy! Even though we want to take our furry friend everywhere with us. It is not always possible. While they are home alone. Show them love by leaving plenty of toys and dog puzzles while you are gone. Mental stimulation will make time fly by faster for your furry friend. The fun can continue once you are home.

Massage your dog! Hugs and pats on the head are sign of dominance. The next time you go to pet your dog. Try light belly rubs or gentle massages. Lightly touching your dog will show them you care.

Time is precious. Letting your dog hang out with you while you go about your daily routine will not only be more fun. But your dog will feel like he is part of your hectic schedule. Even the simplest of interaction will make your dog feel loved. The next time you are furiously writing your paper before the deadline, let your dog rest his paw on your lap or lay at your feet. Include them in family activities like movie night. Lay out some chew toys and enjoy the movie with everyone.

Schedule training dates! At least once a week schedule time for your dog to learn new tricks. Training is a great way to set up rules and boundaries that will make your dog feel safe and secure. The mental stimulation will keep your dog sharp and have fewer behavioral issues.

Ridding Shotgun. Sometimes you just need to take a long drive to clear your head. Why not take your dog with you? It’s better than sitting at home alone. Or if you have errands to run that does not require you to get out of the car bring them along. Most dogs love car rides (as long as its not to the vet). Please remember to never leave dogs in the car. Even on cool days the car can reach deadly temperatures.



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