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Spring Fever

by Alvin Nguyen

Spring is here! Bundling up all winter in front of a fireplace with your dog at your feet is great, but it’s time to get some sunshine! Not only will you get your vitamin D, your dog will be able to stretch those tiny (or long) legs. Here are 6 date ideas for you and your pup this spring season.

Off the leash

Grab your toys and call other puppers. Its play date time! Dog parks are a great way to celebrate spring. After being cooped up inside for so long, your dog will appreciate the newly grown grass and socializing with other dogs. The freedom of not being held back by a leash is invigorating. So, let those dogs run around lease free.

Beach Body

While it might be too cold for you to hop in the water, your furry friend will not think twice before jumping in bodies of water. Beaches are great places for your dog to get exercise while you work on your tan before summer kicks into full swing.

Climb Mountains

Not all of us have access to beaches, but that won’t stop your dog from scaling mountains by your side. Spring is the perfect time to hike without the worry of hazardous snakes and creepy crawlies. Search for the closest hiking trail and start walking! In mountainous areas you can usually find dog friendly hikes that make it safe to hike off-leash. Make sure you periodically check your dog’s paws for wood chips and sharp rocks. On high traffic trails keep your pal on a leash to prevent injuries for your dog and others.

Spring Cleaning

Out with the old and in with the new. Toss out that stuffed animal missing an eye and broken chew toys. Visit your local pet store and let your pup find new toys for this spring season. You can also order tons of sports related toys on our website!

On a budget? Turn those raggedy shirts into a tug-toy! Tie shirts together and let your dog tear them to shreds while you two play a game of tug-o-war!

Sprinkler Party  

Pull out the lawn sprinkler and let it rip. Distract your dog for hours while he cools himself off playing in the sprinklers. Your pup will love chasing the water. It’s also fun to watch and share. Have a camera close by, your dog will likely pull weird stunts.

Egg Hunting

Egg hunting isn’t just popular with kids. Dogs love it too! Grab some plastic eggs and poke holes in it to let the aroma of treats escape. Allow the dog to sniff an egg and take him out of the room. Hide the eggs at nose level (depending on experience) and let your pup back in the room.

Most dogs will pop the eggs open with their paws or jaws. For softer chewers you can drill larger holes for the treats to roll out. This is a great way to celebrate Easter with your furry friend. The puzzle will sharpen his mind and improve motor skills.

Would you let your dogs go on an Easter egg hunt with you?




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