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The importance of Pet Insurance

by Coach Lilly

Is your pet covered?

Unexpected illness or accidents can occur at any time.  Here at DoggieNation, we experienced personal tragedy with Punky, our beloved 10 year old Boston Terrier.  During December 2010 she swallowed a foreign object and needed emergency surgery.  The surgery was very expensive and Punky didn’t have pet insurance.  We enrolled Punky in Trupanion’s pet insurance right after the surgery for any future needs.  After Punky came home from the surgery a few weeks later, she had a seizure.  Punky went back to the animal hospital and a brain tumor was found.  She had radiation therapy every day for 4 weeks to shrink the brain tumor. 

After the radiation therapy, Punky experienced a third setback.  She was losing blood internally and the veternarians couldn’t figure out what was causing the blood loss.  Fortunately at this time our insurance was effective and could cover the expenses of veterniary treatment.  Unfortunately Punky lost her battle on February 25, 2011.  All of us at DoggieNation miss her terribly as she was part of our family and our business as the company mascot. 

After experiencing all of this, DoggieNation wants all pet owners to know the importance of pet insurance.  You never know when upexpected pet care may occur.  Just knowing you are covered will give you peace of mind that you can provide the best care for your beloved pet. 

Get your quote here at DoggieNation for Trupanion’s pet insurance.  It’s fast and free to get the quote today!  Why wait?!  Your pet will thank you with endless love.


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