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The Ravens WIN the “Big Game”

by Coach Lilly

How excited are you the Baltimore Ravens won the “Big Game”? It sure was an exciting game against the San Francisco 49ers. What did you love the most about the game…..the commercials, the half time show, the football game?

It was great all around, starting with Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook children opening the game and Alica Keys performing the national anthem. The game started off to a great start too and you can sense the excitement on the field between the 49ers and Ravens.

Another great moment in time was the Harbaugh brothers playing against each other. Now, about that halftime show…..did you love Beyonce’s show as much as we did? She was fantastic! It was also cool that she brought her girls from Destiny’s Child to the show. It was a great reunion for them and Beyonce was just fabulous! Then there was the blackout event. Crazy right?!

After the blackout the 49ers really gave it their best and the game was close, down to the last few minutes with the Ravens taking the national championship title. What a great night of entertainment! We’ll sure miss football season these next few months and will be looking forward to it starting back up in August!


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