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Training Tips: Positive Leash Training – Repetition

by Coach Lilly

Repetition is key

Even if you do not have time to go on a long walk it is important to set up a routine that the dog will come to expect and appreciate. This consistency will encourage the dog’s good behavior as it is rewarded with continued walks. By skipping several days in a row the dog may forget the progress he has already made and you will find yourself frustrated with having to repeat yourself over and over. Walking your dog is also a very important aspect of your training program overall because sufficient exercise is important for a dogs physical and mental wellbeing. A happy and healthy dog is going to be more receptive to discipline and correction than one overflowing with pent-up energy.


Positive Leash Training is part of series that DoggieNation will be sharing throughout the next few months in recognition of Responsible Dog Ownership Month, which begins September 1.


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