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Training Tips: Positive Leash Training – Socialization

by Coach Lilly


Walks are a great opportunity to begin socializing your dog with other furry friends, which is an important aspect of training on and off the leash. By getting your dog on a leash and introducing him to the neighbors you will have the opportunity to see how he reacts towards other dogs. Going back to step 1, if the dog thinks he is the alpha male or has aggressive tendencies, you should handle this situation carefully and always make sure you are 100% in control of the pooch. Even if you have never had a problem with him before, make the first introduction with the least amount of variables. In your backyard or maybe living room, where you can separate the dogs if things start to go downhill. Vet bills are expensive and an innocent playdate can quickly turn into a $200 headache if your pup isn’t the friendly type.  The earlier you can begin socializing your pup the better. Especially dogs that are genetically predisposed to aggressive


Positive Leash Training is part of series that DoggieNation will be sharing throughout the next few months in recognition of Responsible Dog Ownership Month, which begins September 1.



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