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Tubby Time

by Alvin Nguyen

A nice hot bath can be relaxing right? …Your dog might not agree.

If your dog hits the ground running at the sound of running water, it’s time to start making bath time more fun for your dog. Here are some tips for developing your dog’s love for tubby time.

Get Walking!

When it comes to water, dogs are drawn to it when they are feeling hot and exhausted. Take advantage of these instincts and get your dog walking! Long walks, quick runs, or playing fetch is a great way to exhaust your pet. Your pup will be more susceptible to taking baths after a long exercise session. Plus, they will have less energy to fight back.

Too hot!

While a nice hot bath calms us down, hot baths can cause anxiety for your pup. Most dogs prefer their water to be Luke warm even if its cold outside.

Start Small

New environments are scary. Let your dog get comfortable in the bathroom. Try these steps to let your dog get used to the tub.

  • Allow your dog walk around in the bath tub without water.
  • Get him acclimated to the sound of running bath water (without him in it.)
  • Allow your dog to walk in and out of the bathroom while you bathe.
  • Start getting his feet wet and slowly raise the water levels.
  • Do not rush this process, dumping water on your dog, or spray him down with a shower head is a surefire way to make your dog’s hate bath time. Its okay if he doesn’t fully take a bath the first time. Getting your dog comfortable is the main goal.

Other Tips and tricks

  • Bring your dogs favorite toy and let him play with it in the bathtub.
  • Reward your pup with treats. (Reward earned by all 4 legs in the tub)
  • Have your dog bathe with another dog that is experienced with baths. Sometimes the best teacher is another dog!

Make it Fun and Positive.

Its hard to keep your dog calm if you are in a rush. Make sure you have plenty of time to wash your dog. If you are in a rush it will likely reflect in your body language which can spike your dogs stress levels. If your dog looks uncomfortable find out why or take him out of the tub. Signs of stress are if your dog is stiff during the bath, shivering, excessive yawning and Panting.

Always wash your dogs face with a damp cloth. Spraying water in your dogs face will cause him to panic. Use a pet washer attachment to make the process smoother, such as the Bamboo Deluxe Pet Shower.

We hope this helped! Now go make tubby time fun for you and your dog.


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