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What We’re Looking Forward to This Baseball Season

by Coach Lilly

Do you feel a certain warmth in the breeze? Smell flowers blooming? Are you finally leaving the house without your heavy winter jacket? Yes, all things these are signs that spring has returned, and the return of spring also means the return of baseball season! The beginning of April brings us Opening Day for Major League Baseball, and if you are excited to cheer on your team this year, you are in the right place. Read on for our overview of what we’re most looking forward to this baseball season, including tips for enjoying the national pastime with your pet.


The Players

Baseball is a team sport, but each player has their moments to shine at bat or in the field. Fans come to games decked out in the jerseys of their favorite players and cheer them on during the game.


The Gear

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The Stats

Because baseball players have many opportunities to make plays during the game, it is easy to keep track of individual player stats and achievements. Statistics records have been kept since the very beginning of the game.


The Field

Did you know that every baseball field in Major League Baseball is unique? Of course the infield has to meet certain dimensions, but you might be surprised by how little the dimensions of outfield are regulated. There are only a few rules to follow. The uniqueness of each field may affect an individual player or team’s statistics over time.


The Food

“Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack…” and popcorn, and hot dogs, and burgers, and drinks, and…well, let’s just say it’s all good. If you are watching the game with your dog, don’t forget to feed him his own dog snacks. Some of the food that you enjoy could be harmful to your dog.


The Game

Ah, the game. Nine innings, four bases, one batter, one pitcher, one ball. This is the main event. Whether you watch on TV or at the ballpark, baseball’s electrifying moments have the power to thrill. Play ball!


The Traditions

All these things—the players, the gear, the stats, the field, the food, the game—these are all part of the tradition of baseball. Tradition means singing along with “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch, dressing up in your team’s colors, and cheering your lungs out for a home run. And it might even mean making up your own baseball traditions.


What’s your favorite baseball tradition?


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