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Wholesale customers: NFL Starter Pack!

by Coach Lilly

We put together a great, low price starter pack to kickoff

NFL season in your stores for only $134.00 and FREE SHIPPING!  You can pick and choose what teams you would like to offer your customers. 


2 small Collars

2 med Collars 

2 large Collars


2 Leashes


1 small Bandana 

1 large Bandana 


2 Jerseys


2 Football toys

1 Rope disk toy

Total order = $134.00 and we include free shipping!

This is a great starter pack for those of you who have not ordered the NFL products and want to try some out first.  We know once you get these items in your store you will see how NFL products will boost your sales!

Jordana and The DoggieNation Team


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