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Winter Dog Bonding Activities

by Alvin Nguyen

Winter is coming…which means, we will all be spending more time indoors. After a long day of work, some serious cuddle time with your dog is extremely relaxing.

Studies show that 20 minutes of petting sessions can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, and increase oxytocin in both you and your dog.

Sadly, like Coach Lilly, not all dogs like to cuddle all day long.

Here are activities you can do with your dog this holiday season to keep them sharp and alert.

Get Walking

One of our favorite thing to do during the holidays is to walk around viewing all the holiday lights. Get your family together and go downtown or any suburb known for festive lights.

Having a hard time finding the neighborhoods? Check your local listing or Craigslist! They will have all the best light gazing areas.

So warm up your hot chocolate, put on a sweater and start walking!

Home Made Dog Puzzles

If your holiday parties get as hectic as ours do, it can be hard to keep our furry friends out of mischief. Puzzles are a great way to keep them distracted so you can prepare in peace.

If you are “balling” on a budget, then here are some great cheap DIY dog puzzles:

Grab a Mouthful of tennis balls and a muffin tin. Try a 3 X 4 muffin tin tends to be just the right size.

Place 3 or 4 treats randomly in the muffin tin. Then set the tennis balls in all the slots. Your dog will smell the treats and try to remove the tennis balls from the muffin tin.

Another way to keep your pet occupied is to take a tennis ball and cut an “X” into the ball. Fill it up with treats and let your dog roll it around for treats to slowly leak out.

Check out some of these sporty treat ideas from last week and you’re all set!

Agility Course at Home

There are days where it’s just too cold to go outside. Maybe your pup doesn’t enjoy the cold.

Grab a Hula-hoop, chairs, blanket, broomstick, and whatever else you can find in the house and build your dog an agility course. Not only will creating the agility course fun. It is also great bonding time with your dog and teaching your pet new tricks!

Indoor Dog Park

Indoor dog parks can be a terrific way to stay warm and let your dogs get some much-needed social time.

When it comes to providing a healthy life for your dog. Not only is diet, exercise, and parasite control important for your pet. Socialization should be part of your dog’s lifestyle.  You might make a few friends along the way too.



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