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Winter Safety for Deserving Dogs

by Coach Lilly

With winter and the great opportunity to play in the snow and make snow angels, there is one part that can be rough to endure. Baby, it’s cold outside! I am not just talking about a slight chill, I’m talking about nose wrinkling, tail

curling cold. I am so happy that my humans remember me after they let me outside to do my business. I wouldn’t even want to imagine becoming a furry icecube!


Did you know that a huge number of our fellow canines suffer cold weather injuries each year? No dog deserves that! Here’s a list of helpful things for all dog parents to give their pup a happy, healthy cold weather experience this winter and beyond.


Some inexperienced doggy parents might not know these, plus they are a good review for those long timers:

  • Coats and booties can help your dog stay warm. There are many to choose from right here on
  • Be very careful with sick and/or older dogs, since they are more sensitive to the cold weather.
  • Puppies do not tolerate the cold as well as adult dogs do and may be difficult to housebreak during the winter. You may need to paper train your pup until warmer weather returns.
  • Keep the fur between toe pads clipped to reduce the amount of snow that collects between toes.
  • Try coating dry, sensitive paws , with a bit of cooking spray to help protect them before walks in very cold weather.
  • Shovel out a potty spot for your dog during deep snows.
  • Wipe snow and ice off your dog’s feet, legs and belly upon returning home from a walk.
  • Keep a container of warm water and cloths by the door for use after walks.
  • Brief exposure to sub-zero temperatures can lead to frostbite of the feet, nose or ears, so be mindful of your dog’s exposure time.
  • Don’t let your dog off leash, except in enclosed areas. The snow can play havoc with their sense of smell and your dog could become lost.




Well friends;  that was just a sampling of things that can be done to keep dogs safe and happy during winter temperatures. Until next time, stay safe out there and have a tail wagging good time in the snow…I know I will!


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