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Would You Throw Your Dog a Birthday Party?

by Coach Lilly

There’s no doubt about it—a dog you love isn’t just a pet. He’s a member of the family. So, would you throw your dog a birthday party?


Dog birthday parties have become a real trend. New York magazine reports: “According to the most recent set of data collected in the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, 7 percent of dog owners hold holiday or birthday parties for their dogs. Twenty-eight percent buy their dogs birthday gifts.” There are even companies that specialize in throwing dog parties.


There’s a clear reason for all of this—dog parties are fun! Who doesn’t love to see adorable dogs enjoying games, presents, and (healthy) treats?


Here are some of the elements we think would play a part in hosting a truly magical dog birthday party:


The Plans

Set a date (either on your dog’s birthday or on the closest weekend to it). Make a list of the supplies you might need as you begin your preparations.


The Setting

Pick a place for your party. It could be at a neighborhood dog park or in our own backyard. Outside is better if you are inviting a number of other people bringing dogs of their own.


The Guests

Invite your friends and your dog’s friends! If your dog has any other dog friends in the neighborhood or at the dog park, invite them and their owners to the party. It could be a great way for you to get to know these human friends better too.


The Decorations

Decorations can add a festive touch to the occasion. You can pick any theme you want! We’re into sports themes ourselves, but pick whatever theme sounds fun to you, or no theme at all.


The Games

There are all kinds of games you can play with your party guests, from karaoke to a simple game of fetch. Another low-key idea is just to set out a selection of dog toys for all the dogs to play with. It could also be fun to provide party hats or bandannas to the party guests to wear.


The Treats

What’s a party without treats? Just make sure that the dogs at the party are only allowed to eat dog treats, not human food. They’ll stay happier and healthier that way.


The Presents

There are so many gift ideas here on, from dog jerseys and dishes to leashes and toys. Let us know if we can help you pick out the perfect present for your pup.


You can read more of our ideas for enjoying parties with your dog here. Have fun at the party!


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